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My Dog Used to Hike Rocks

Posted by Wes on

So my late dog Barney used to hike rocks.  Yes, hiking like you would hike a football.  We had big 10 pound (that's a guess) rocks in our backyard and he loved to hike them.  It was hilarious to say the least.  This was before the dawning of YouTube, so unfortunately  we do not have a video of it.  It was during the peak of the pet trick shows and we couldn't find time to get this on video.  I guess we didn't want to win $10,000.

Anyway, I have been trying to find a video of a dog that hikes rocks like Barney did, but every time I search on YouTube I get back dogs that are hiking in the mountains or something.  If anyone out there finds a video like this, please send me the link or if your dog hikes rocks - stop everything you are doing right now and go video it.  Then, post it on YouTube and send me the link.  I'd be forever grateful.  Barney would be too!

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