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Good Eatin'

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A friend who likes to cook left a pound of lard on the kitchen counter while she ran her daughter to a soccer practice.  When she came home it was gone, and her two dogs looked guilty.  They slept through the night, but when she awoke there was a nice  blob of undigested lard on the floor.

I once read about a dog who ate some bread dough that was in a bowl on the counter.  At the doctor's office, its belly began to swell as the yeast started to rise, and they had to perform emergency surgery to remove the dough and save the dog's life.

Ahh...dogs do love to eat, and many will eat just about anything.  My girl has been known to swipe the butter off the counter, and my daughter's breakfast often disappears "mysteriously" when she gets up to pack her school bag.

When Cassidy was a puppy, I would come home to find her cheeks swollen out as if someone had blown large bubbles into them.  Nearby I would find a nice depository of partially digested snakes and bees.  Nothing has ever triggered my gag reflex like the smell of those little piles.  It didn't faze her that the bees would sting the insides of her mouth as she ate them;  nothing seems to deter my girl when she sets her mind to eatin'.

When she was about 8 months old, my daughter and I took a trip.  I had packed a ziplock bag with our medications and vitamins, and when we got home I left it sitting on the counter.  A few hours later we returned to find the bag ripped open and Cass looking green.  My heart leapt into my throat as I realized what she had eaten - what these meds might do to her, and I frantically called the vet, who told me to bring her in to have her stomach pumped.  Despite some more serious medications she had ingested, I was surprised to hear that the only thing they thought might hurt her was the Flintstones vitamins...they contain too much iron for dogs.

We  got her into the back of the car and started driving towards the vet's.  About five minutes into the drive Cassidy threw up, and from the length of time that took, I figured that was all of it  - no need to pump her gut - so we turned around to head home.

About a minute later we heard a slurping noise coming from the back of the car;  my pup was licking it all right back up.  Alrighty...I turned the car back around and we continued on to the vet's office.

At least she cleans up her own messes.

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  • Great post, Su-bones! I’ve got a couple of Good Eatin’ stories too – coming soon! Thanks for the inspiration.

    Wes on

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