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If Only Santa Had Been Hungrier

Posted by Wes on

When I was little (probably around 7 or 8 years old), one Xmas eve I left some chocolate chip cookies out for Santa.  After a night of very little sleep due to the excitement of Santa's visit, I got up really early and rounded up my brother and sister for the sprint down the stairs to the living room where the chimney was - and not to mention gifts!

I noticed that Santa had only taken one little bite of the two cookies I left out for him.  His loss...then, my mom said she had to go get our "big" present.  She disappeared around the corner and a few seconds later, a blonde cocker-spaniel came running in the living room excited as he could be.  Like most dogs, he went straight for the food!  He practically swallowed the chocolate chip cookies and immediately turned around and threw them up right in my LAP!

This was my first dog, so I just thought that that's what they do and I was in for a long, unpredictable relationship with Snuggles.  I think my mom named him.  How could you not love a dog named Snuggles?  I quickly forgave him and that's where it all started with the dogs in my life.

Thanks again to Su-bones for inspiring me with the Good Eatin' story.  Another one coming soon.

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