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Turd Diving

Posted by Wes on

So the other "food" story I wanted to tell was of course about Barney.  He used to do what we termed "turd diving".  This is the act of "diving" into the cat litter box and chowing down on  I hesitated to write about this one because some of you may think it is crude, but let's be honest - dogs are sometimes, so I think it's OK to tell about it.

Needless to say, turd diving would sometimes make Barney sick.  Like throwing up sick.  It's bad enough picking up dog poop, but even worse is dog puke!  The really cool thing about Barney though is that he would actually jump in the bathtub when he had to get sick.  What a convenience for us!  OK, it'd be more convenient if he lifted the toilet lid and threw up in there, but hey - I'm pretty happy he got in the bathtub.  Usually, the consistency was ok enough to let drain...ok, we're getting a little too crude here...I'll stop now.  I do have yet another "food" story that some may think even cruder, so all you peeps that like that sort of thing - be sure to check back next week.  By the way, it's probably nothing most of us dog owners have not seen before (or at least not any cruder than what we've seen from our dogs.  Until then...

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