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Rock Eatin'

Posted by Wes on

OK, so I had to tell one more food or uh, crude story?  Either one.  You pick.  So if you read one of my earlier posts, my dog Barney liked to hike big rocks.  They were ironically about the size of a football.  There were a couple in my backyard.  But, also in my backyard were lots of little rocks.  And for some reason, he would sometimes eat those.  We actually never saw him eating them, but we would always know when he tried to push them out the backend.   I gotta say, I never thought I would have the task of trying to pull rocks out of places that strange...but I had no choice - right?  The cool thing is that it didn't take long for Barney to make the connection that eating those rocks would inevitably end up in pain.  So why didn't he make the connection that turd diving resulted in him being sick?  My theory is that the turd diving was worth it to him.  I hope he's still enjoying that in 'ol pet heaven.

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