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Do I need a Dog Carrier Sling?

Posted by Wes on

Well, I don't because my dog's too big for one, but if I had a small dog - I would definitely consider getting a dog carrier sling.  I'm not just saying that because I own an online pet store.  The reason I would consider one is because I've always bought into the philosophy of the sling.  I had one for my son and it worked great.  The concept just makes sense to me.  The womb might have just been the most comfortable place for all of us.  Think about it...we had everything we needed - food, shelter, clothing.  Well, we didn't need clothing, but..I digress.

Anyway, whenever my son was upset and after we tried all the other things - food, pacifier, etc. - we would wrap him up in the sling and walk around the house or the neighborhood or wherever.  It always lightened his mood.  I've heard that it does the same for small dogs or puppies and we all know they can get feisty every now and then.  Plus, they feel safe from the big dogs.

Just think about it - if someone was able to wrap you up in a blanket and carry you around - wouldn't you dig it?  I sure would.  Maybe that's why I like hanging out in my hammock - the next best thing, but not quite.  Oh, the days of the womb...

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