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5 Wooden Dog House Designs

Posted by Chris Brousseau on

Wondering what type of dog house to get? Whether your dog prefers wooden dog house designs, plastic or a different material is unclear but every dog can surely benefit from a durable and insulated material. Wooden dog house designs are the most common types that are easily found in the market. They have a cozy look that complements the surroundings, both indoor and outdoor. There is a wide selection of wooden dog house designs from classic to modern and to help you out, We have listed 5 of the most in demand design in the market.

5 Most in Demand Wooden Dog House Designs

1. Room with A View Wooden Dog House

This is designed for smaller dog types like Shih Tzu, Corgi or Chihuahua. This space saving house let’s you choose to use it both indoor and outdoor. Its rusty look can easily match other indoor furniture. It has a good balcony at the top with stairs on the side that serve as an open area for your dog to rest and laze around (like they always do).

2. The Barn Wooden Dog House

While the first type is creatively done to fit for both indoor and outdoor, this one is best for outdoors which is also a good addition to your garden. The house is completely roofed keeping your dog dry and shaded. Your dog can comfortably sleep in the enclosed room away from noise and rain but has good ventilation with its stylish window. Or he can just chill out and sit in the wide porch outside where he can enjoy the view, feel the fresh air and of course enjoy his favorite daily routine.

3. The Mansion Wooden Dog House

Like The Barn, this one is designed to put outdoors. It’s everyone’s favorite because of its actual mini-house look; with a stylish window for ventilation, a cute chimney at the top and a beautiful frame in the porch. Medium to large dogs are perfect for this house. It has a wide enclosed room for comfortable sleep and protection from the sun and rain. It also has a wide open-aired porch in front where he can play, rest and again do his favorite daily routine.

4. Flat Top Duplex
This one is the most popular choice for those who have an extra large dog or 2 small to regular size dogs. The simple design looks good both indoor and outside. You can put displays at the top either vases or figurines if you decide to put it indoor or pots of colorful flowers for outdoors. The best thing about it is the removable middle part giving you freedom to accommodate 2 small dogs or 1 extra large dog.

5. Configurable Wooden Dog Crate and Gate
The last part of our list is actually our favorite. It is almost everything. It is creative, portable, configurable and limitless. This comes with 4 removable panels allowing you to assemble it however you desire. Simply folding the sides into a square turns it into a crate, or open some sides widely to use it as a gate or to close open spaces. It also includes a solid wood cover that allows you to put displays at the top. Imagine visiting your mom’s house. You can simply grab and fold this, throw it in the car and reassemble it once you’re in the place.

Getting a dog house is giving your dog a personal space where he knows he’s free to play, chew his bones and sleep undisturbed. For more creative wooden dog house designs, simple click on the link or feel free to contact us

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