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Use Dog Crate Covers to Create a Safe and Secure Space for Your Pet

Posted by Wes Grasty on

Many veterinarians and dog care experts advocate the use of dog crates, not only for the transport of your furry little pals, but also to provide your canine buddy with a safe, secure and personal space which can serve as his own private den. A dog crate can provide comfort and solitude to your pet, especially when you are out at work or if you are running errands.

By nature, dogs are den animals. Simply put, this means that your little pal needs a safe and secure place where he can rest, sleep, and hide when he feels unsafe. Additionally, dog crates are valuable tools in training dogs so they cannot gain access to other parts of the house and make a mess in these areas.

However, not just any crate will do. You have to make sure that you find a crate that is suitable for your pet and that your choice can give your dog ample room. You might also want to factor in the full size of your dog when he grows up, if he is still currently a pup.

After you have purchased a suitable dog crate, you have to face the fact that crate training can be a challenge for both you and your furry house companion. In particular, your pet may have a difficult time adjusting to life inside the crate. He may not be able to keep himself calm and sleep inside it. In this case, you can use dog crate covers to make the crate feel safer for him.

In order to make the process easier for you and Fido, use the dog crate cover during the daytime and not before the two of you head off for bed. Instead, put on the crate cover and let your pet be. Check whether he goes inside the crate or if he does other things. Here, your goal is to make your pet feel safe and secure, and your presence during this stage can add to that.

You can also try covering the crate partially. This helps you achieve two goals. First, your dog will not feel stuffy inside. Second, he can see what is going on around the crate, making him feel a bit more secure. You can also leave the crate's door partially open.

While your dog is trying to adjust to the use of a crate cover, you need to watch out for a few signs like gnawing on the crate or accidents inside the crate. These simply mean that your pet is not yet comfortable with the cover. At this point, avoid leaving him inside the crate unattended. With patience, he will soon adjust with the use of a cover for his crate.

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