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Reasons Why Dog Owners Should Consider Using Dog Sling Carriers

Posted by Wes Grasty on

Dogs are the animals that most people choose to share their lives with, and they are easily treated like the babies of the family – especially since there are many popular canine pets nowadays that do not really grow bigger than a human infant. Still, big or small, they are treasured companions, and most pet owners do not like going anywhere without them.

Because of their value as real family members, the pet industry has grown significantly over the last decade. Nowadays, there are all sorts of accessories to help make pets much easier to take to different places. Among the really popular accessories for dogs that a lot of pet owners like are those stylish dog sling carriers which are inspired by baby slings (many chic moms of Hollywood are often seen using them). Seeing how comfortable and safe babies are in these special carriers, the pet industry deemed them also fit for carrying dogs around.

A dog sling presents many advantages; therefore, if you’re considering buying a carrier for your pup, this should be one of your top options. Why?

  1. It’s adjustable. No matter how small or how big your canine baby gets, you can maintain the dog sling as its carrier because you can adjust the fit of the sling according to the size of your dog.
  2. It’s lightweight. Other pet carriers on the market are bulky and heavy. A dog sling is usually just a long piece of fabric that you can even wear like an infinity scarf, or simply fold and then place in your purse if you don’t need to use it yet. In fact, you can always keep a sling in all your purses; this way, you’ll never go anywhere without it.
  3. It’s completely secure. If your dog tends to get anxious in crowded, noisy places, a dog sling is the ideal carrier for it so it can feel completely protected and secure. You get to hold your pet close to your body and comfort it even if you’re taking care of other things.
  4. It’s super stylish. In the same way that baby slings are oh-so-fashionable these days, dog slings make nice fashionable and functional pieces, too. They come in a vast variety of designs so they can actually go with your own outfit or your dog’s.
  5. It’s easy to clean. If it gets a little funky because of your dog’s fur, you can hand-wash it and have it smelling fresh and clean again.
  6. It’s cheaper. It is definitely more affordable than most other carriers.

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